Tips On Maintenance of A Wooden Exterior Door

Posted by June Arland   

No one can deny the fact that purchasing a wooden exterior door you invest into your home. Although this type of door is rather expensive you're going to enjoy it for many years to come. Unlike other less durable doors, exterior doors made of wood will easily stand any difficulties. But, probably, the greatest advantage of these doors is that they can be subjected to repairing if anything goes wrong or get broken. In case with a fiberglass door you won't be able to do anything about deep gauges or chipping. Wooden exterior doors will serve you for a lifetime but they should be correctly maintained. Let's characterize a few main tips on maintaining wooden exterior doors.

Tip #1: Polishing

The first thing you'll need to do in order to improve the look of your wooden exterior door is to polish it. In the course of time, the finish of the door gets dull and has to be refreshed. It's a natural process sunlight and other outdoor elements influence the surface of the door. So, purchase high quality polish for furniture and a rag. If there's some dirt, etc. on the door, remove it with a special cleaner before starting polishing process. You can use the cleaner for hardwood floors, for example.

Tip #2: Pay Attention To The Finish

The finish has the tendency to fade over time even if you polish your door regularly. Exterior doors located in the shade are usually more durable, if the door is constantly exposed to the direct sun rays and other elements it will need to be restored sooner. If the finish is dull or cracking the owner is recommended to wipe away the dust and to remove the outside layer. Further it's necessary to apply several coats of fade-resistant polyurethane that will shield the finish from the direct sun.

Tip #3: What About Paint?

If you have a painted exterior door you may have some problems with it. When you see that the paint has cracks on it or it has considerable faded away, you'll need to repaint it. Try to find special paint with ultraviolet protection that is particularly created for painting outdoors. It should be also remembered that definite brands of paint colors tend to fade quicker than others, nevertheless, try to get at least several years between paintings. It's also advised to choose the color that can't fade too quickly.

Tip #4: Trimming Down Swollen Wood

This tip has the final position due to the fact that you will have to use your wooden exterior door for many years before you need to trim down the areas of swollen wood on it. The matter is that an old door, just like any other wooden object, has the tendency to expand with time. This process can be contributed by some water damage or too high humidity in the area you're living in. How can you notice that this needs to be treated? You'll see that your door doesn't close in a proper way any longer. Some people even use woodworking tools to pull the door off. You can trim the swollen wood off of the door or hire a specialist who will do it quickly and correctly.

Summing up, it's necessary to mention that purchasing a wooden exterior door, check up whether it is made up to the high standard. Really high quality exterior doors have very durable elements which at the same time require little maintenance. But if you have enjoyed using your exterior wood doors for many years, you will need to renew them. And the first thing you can do is polish them.