How Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Should Be Used Correctly

Posted by June Arland   

The contemporary market offers bathroom vanity mirrors in all possible shapes and sizes. There are those which are simply attached to the wall but still they are rather large, others are complimented with specially designed lights to make your makeup application more convenient and easier. And some mirrors hang on the wall to give you an opportunity to see your face when it's needed. However, demonstrating your face isn't the only function of bathroom vanity mirrors, they can also significantly make your bathroom more spacious.

There are vanity mirrors which are flatly hanging on the wall and those which are a part of your medicine cabinet. You certainly don't wish to have a mirror that overloads the whole room or the one that is too small, so that's why it is very important to make the right choice of a bathroom vanity mirror.

The type of the suitable mirror for your bathroom may depend on the general look you wish to get in your bathroom that is usually determined by the colors and decor used in this room. Some people consider a mirror to be of minor importance by mistake, but in reality it can significantly change the look of your bathroom as a whole.

Choosing a bathroom vanity mirror pay attention to the fact whether it's plain or framed. A frame is usually located around the perimeter, adding to the width and height of the mirror. The frame your mirror has can help you to make a d?cor statement, especially if you pay attention to the detail. However, be careful not to go too far with the detail as the latter may seem very busy. Sometimes, it's better to get a plain frame.

Another aspect you'll need to consider while choosing a bathroom vanity mirror is its positioning in the bathroom. Never locate it in such a way to let anyone outside the bathroom see what another person is doing in the bathroom. Believe it or not but doing so, you risk to lose a friend or even a business partner. The most popular places of locating a small mirror are above the bathroom sink and at the back of the door. Thus, the mirror attached over the sink will help you to see your reflection while performing different bathroom activities like brushing teeth and putting makeup. And the mirror on the door can have a bigger size and let you see your dress before going out.

Another important factor you have to pay attention to while selecting a bathroom vanity mirror is lighting in your bathroom that partially determines location of your mirror. It's not that important, though, if you're looking for a vanity mirror with lights attached to it. But ideally a mirror should have both perimeter lighting or back lighting and the lights attached to it. Only in this case you may be sure that you'll get a true reflection. The brightness of the lights depends on the purpose of the mirror. If you're going to use it just for general looking, you won't need to use too bright lights. But if the mirror is going to help you in makeup application brighter lights have to be applied.

So, if you've decided to make your bathroom more modern and attractive you need to try to do your best to choose the appropriate bathroom vanity mirror. The main principle of mirror choice is selecting this important bathroom item according to the theme used in your bathroom, for the mirror to emphasize the best features of your bathroom's design. Be sure that even the simplest mirror can alter design in this room. What you'll need to consider includes the type, size, frame color, and the material from which the considered mirror is produced.

It was already mentioned that a correctly chosen mirror can significantly enlarge a bathroom. So, if you have a rather small rest room, pay attention to the following tips. You can make your bathroom visually more spacious if you locate two or three vanity mirrors around the bathroom or one large mirror on one wall. If there is a window in your bathroom position the mirror in such a way for it to reflect the natural light from the window. It will better light your bathroom and save your money on electricity at the same time.

Summing up, it's necessary to mention that if you wish to renovate your house with the purpose of selling it or just making it more convenient and beautiful, pay attention to each detail, as it can raise the value of your house in general. Switch on your imagination and experiment with different types of bathroom vanity mirrors as well as their positions. A well chosen and correctly located bathroom vanity mirror will not only make your bathroom look more spacious and brighter but will significantly add to the overall appearance and style of this room.