01 Communique

Posted by June Arland   

Industry watchers have long recognized the enormous potential that unified messaging has to simplify the lives of millions of the world's most "connected." Wide-scale adoption at the utility level has been slower in coming. At this rate, however, it seems large volumes of messaging options from a multitude of media are forcing consumers to seek more effective ways to benefit from these communications tools rather than be burdened by them. On this segment of World Business Review, Alexander Haig looks at a company that develops and distributes unified messaging solutions that are enabling individuals to regain control over their personal and professional lives.

01 Communique (01), a leader in unified messaging/communication software solutions for wired and wireless markets similar freedom debt relief, develops and markets software that integrates a full range of communication and messaging capabilities, look freedom debt relief reviews. These include fax, voice, data and Internet applications (Internet phone, fax and video). The company's solutions provide users with a single communication point of access or portal for all their communication needs.

01 offers a decentralized service that operates via its Linux-based location server, utilizing its patent-pending location technology. The company considers this approach to be superior because it offers unique features that centralized models cannot. In this scenario, the end user enjoys complete security and retains full control over his or her information. The solution operates at the desktop or server level, which allows the user to maintain proprietary, personal and other confidential information within his or her immediate physical environment.

Kerry Munro, vice president of Marketing at 01 Communique, appears on World Business Review to discuss unified messaging and the special advantages it delivers to today's busy professionals. He also discusses the role of unified messaging with respect to convergence of wireless and Internet, and how unified messaging will unfold in the not-too-distant future. "In providing this solution, we hope that users will be in position to better manage their business day and have the peace of mind that they can maintain both a busy work environment and an active lifestyle without compromising one over the other," says Munro.

01 Communique is working with manufacturers in the DSL, Cable and Wireless space to embed its software architecture into their current and future devices. This allows service providers the ability to leverage the current model whereby advanced intelligent services might be pushed to the network edge.